The Weekly Brief

JP Morgan
By January 22, 2018 11:02

The Weekly Brief

Thought of the Week

European earnings grew strongly last year, helped by an acceleration in nominal GDP. The IMF forecasts that nominal eurozone GDP growth will be a little weaker this year, at 3.3%. This week’s chart suggests that slightly weaker eurozone growth should lead to lower, but still reasonably strong positive earnings growth for eurozone companies. Therefore, even if the IMF forecast for moderately weaker growth is correct, earnings growth should still be supportive of eurozone equities. However, recent survey data from the eurozone, such as the strongest manufacturing PMI on record, suggests that nominal GDP growth may outperform expectations. If growth comes in stronger than expected, consensus expectations of 9% earnings growth could be surpassed.

JP Morgan
By January 22, 2018 11:02


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Check out our events calendar, with a lot of interesting #webinars! #research #HomeOffice

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