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By March 13, 2018 04:12

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There is still a long way before geopolitical risk in the Korean peninsula eases materially. In the past, previous initiatives to de-nuclearize North Korea back in the 1990’s failed to succeed. However, the announcement that Donald Trump has agreed to a meeting with the North Korean leader is unprecedented. We are not geopolitical experts and are unable to predict whether this initiative will succeed or no, but, from an investing perspective, the balance of risks is shifting positively and as such, this has important implications on EM Asian assets. A recent report published by the Federal Reserve uses quantitative methods to conclude that the link between geopolitical risk and both portfolio inflows to EM and stock returns is statistically significant (Measuring Geopolitical Risk, February 2018).  

By March 13, 2018 04:12


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Check out our events calendar, with a lot of interesting #webinars! #research #HomeOffice

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Check out our events calendar, with a lot of interesting #webinars! #research #HomeOffice

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