Equity Market Ceiling or the Beginning of a Rally?

Equity Market Ceiling or the Beginning of a Rally?

🕔17:02, 7.mei 2019

Strategy Espresso Markets have rallied but we haven’t seen investors go back into equities. Indeed, European-domiciled ETF flows show that fixed income was still the favoured asset class in April with $4.5 billion of inflows versus $820 million out of equity. Year to

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Takeaways from first-quarter earnings

Takeaways from first-quarter earnings

🕔13:04, 7.mei 2019

Weekly Commentary U.S. earnings growth has slowed markedly from 2018, but a surprisingly resilient first quarter supports our still-positive view on U.S. equities. The Federal Reserve maintained its patient policy stance last week, and U.S. jobs gains and eurozone growth

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China A-Shares: Perspectives From the Inside Out

China A-Shares: Perspectives From the Inside Out

🕔11:00, 7.mei 2019

The domestic A-share market offers the biggest and most diverse universe for long-term growth opportunities in China. Despite its size and liquidity, the A-share market remains highly inefficient and idiosyncratic providing plenty of opportunities for active investing. Local knowledge and

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Asset Allocation Consensus Juli


  1. IPFOS – Bestuurders Conferentie 2019

    september 5 @ 14:00 - 18:00
  2. Invesco & Schroders – Real Assets & Energy Transition

    september 10 @ 09:30 - 13:00
  3. Candriam – Sustainbale Investment Conference

    september 12 @ 13:30 - 20:30
  4. ACTIAM – ACTIAM Academy

    september 17 @ 09:30 - 13:00
  5. Markets Group – 3rd Benelux Institutional Forum

    september 26 @ 07:30 - 18:00


Ontvang ik een #research document van 17 pagina's over het feit dat #Venezuela uit de J.P. Morgan EMBI index gaat, zijn er 14 pagina's disclaimers. Dat leest lekker snel :)

#Invesco: "In 2019, we have nearly doubled the respondents
to the study, interviewing some 145 #fixedincome
specialists", all the more reason to read their report here: https://t.co/6UMfVaNZkR

#China loopt voorop als het gaat om internetverkopen. Inmiddels gaat bijna een kwart van alle aankopen van consumenten via het internet. Xiaolin Chen, Head of International Business @KraneShares, tijdens de Alpha Research kennislunch op 4 juli j.l. https://t.co/yHUNJIctyE

Invesco Global Fixed Income Study 2019 | Page 36 : Changes to allocations to Chinese fixed income -> https://t.co/n5gZ8V35J4 #FixedIncome #China

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