Big Data Is Changing Inflation

Northern Trust
Door mei 18, 2019 07:00

Big Data Is Changing Inflation

Wie Gehts mit Deutschland?

Fresh from a family vacation in Germany, Ryan shares an outlook on the country. ​

Foreign drivers in Germany are often excited about the unchecked speed limits on the Autobahn. But in my rental car, I was most surprised by the well-controlled traffic within cities. Unlike in the U.S., where traffic lights are positioned high in the air in the middle of intersections, urban traffic lights in German cities are mounted only on the near sides. By requiring drivers to stop short to see the signals, this arrangement prevents them from blocking crosswalks or creeping out ahead of green lights. It is an elegant way to force defensive driving.

As an economy, however, Germany may be behaving too cautiously. It ended 2018 on the brink of a recession, with an economic contraction in third quarter 2018 followed by flat growth in the fourth quarter. Its growth over the past two quarters lagged that of the overall eurozone, a concerning trend for the country that accounts for the largest share of the region’s economic output.

Northern Trust
Door mei 18, 2019 07:00


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    september 5 @ 14:00 - 18:00
  2. Invesco & Schroders – Real Assets & Energy Transition

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