Emerging Markets: Vulnerability and contagion risks…

Emerging Markets: Vulnerability and contagion risks…

🕔10:07, 3.jul 2019

Discussion Paper Emerging Markets: Vulnerability and contagion risks… Fragile vs. anti-fragile countries This article is aimed at analysing contagion within the emerging world in the past decades, and at presenting investment strategies to limit negative effects of contagion and /

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The trade war in the context of broader themes

The trade war in the context of broader themes

🕔07:02, 3.jul 2019

Rick Rieder and Russ Brownback argue that while most investors are focusing primarily on trade-related supply chain disruptions today, they need to continue to situate this turmoil in the more fundamental changes at play in technology and demographic trends. Myopia

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Global Strategy Q3 2019

Global Strategy Q3 2019

🕔04:02, 3.jul 2019

Global Strategy​ We expect no quick solutions to the trade dispute and Brexit and volatility in financial markets should remain high due to uncertainty over the growth outlook. Central banks are becoming more cautious and are holding out the prospect

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Taking stock

Taking stock

🕔02:11, 3.jul 2019

Market views from BlackRock Active Equities Proceed with caution, but by all means … proceed. That is our message for equity investors as we assess the landscape for the third quarter. Highlights of our outlook include: – Although this cycle

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A lifetime of gender inequality: What investors can do

A lifetime of gender inequality: What investors can do

🕔02:01, 3.jul 2019

For decades, there has been a considerable drive from governments, corporations and society worldwide to reduce inequality between men and women. As a result, many women now hold powerful positions at the top of many major institutions. But nonetheless, there

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Asset Allocation Consensus Juli


  1. IPFOS – Bestuurders Conferentie 2019

    september 5 @ 14:00 - 18:00
  2. Invesco & Schroders – Real Assets & Energy Transition

    september 10 @ 09:30 - 13:00
  3. Candriam – Sustainbale Investment Conference

    september 12 @ 13:30 - 20:30
  4. ACTIAM – ACTIAM Academy

    september 17 @ 09:30 - 13:00
  5. Markets Group – 3rd Benelux Institutional Forum

    september 26 @ 07:30 - 18:00


Currencies: Us Dollar Bar For Us Fx Intervention Remains High -> https://t.co/2ny01nTS55 #currency #China #tradewar via @PictetWM @PictetAM_NL

Long-term Equity Investments under Solvency II -> https://t.co/MDJWukfKfB #solvency2 #equity #europeancommission via @DWS_Group

Blitzscale and Hope: Unicorns, IPOs and the Fear of Repeating the Late 1990s -> https://t.co/N6TXHvJWCS #unicorns #IPO via @epochinvest

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