Global Investment Outlook: Q4 update

By October 2, 2019 16:40

Global Investment Outlook: Q4 update

  • Protectionist push – The substantial escalation in the U.S.-China conflict – and unpredictability of U.S. policy actions – have injected additional uncertainty into business planning, threatening to weaken economic activity. Market implication: We favour reducing risk, including raising some cash.
  • Stretching the cycle – Central banks have pivoted to easing. The recordlong U.S. economic expansion is supported by healthy household spending and looks unlikely to morph into a deeper downturn any time soon. Market implication: We like U.S. equities and EM debt.
  • Raising resilience – Portfolio resilience is crucial at a time of elevated macro uncertainty. Market implication: Government bonds play an important role in building portfolio resilience – even at low yield levels. 

By October 2, 2019 16:40


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