Market Flash: The Geopolitical Context Remains Uncertain

Edmond de Rothschild
By October 3, 2019 13:49

Market Flash: The Geopolitical Context Remains Uncertain

Once again, markets danced to the tune of developments in US politics and the trade war. The Democrats started a pre-impeachment procedure against Donald Trump. Washington is still looking for a broad agreement with Beijing, one that goes beyond simply settling agricultural issues. However, Donald Trump's speech to the UN rekindled fears on further talks being jeopardized. US and Chinese officials are meeting in Washington on 10 and 11 October. Beijing has increasingly committed to buying more US agricultural products, not just to show its willingness to talk but also because of swine flu. Meanwhile, the Conference Board’s confidence index remained at all-time highs in September. Even so, US consumers are increasingly concerned by the geopolitical situation and expectations fell to 95.8 from 106.4 in August.

Edmond de Rothschild
By October 3, 2019 13:49


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