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Franklin Templeton
By October 22, 2019 14:31

Allocation Views

Contagion may be spreading through the global economy

The global economy continues to face headwinds, and risks are mounting. Trade tensions are spreading from country to country, and increasingly, manufacturing weakness is starting to infect the much larger service sector. Recurring equity market declines appear likely when untested policy measures such as tariffs and restrictions on listing and capital flows are being considered. Talk that China's companies may have been prevented from accessing US capital markets has frayed trust on both sides, and the forthcoming US presidential election complicates politics of the USChina relationship. As we have noted previously in our Allocation Views, the current trade dispute is merely a symptom of broader tensions. However, a partial resolution of the immediate dispute may be politically expedient, offering short-term relief.

Franklin Templeton
By October 22, 2019 14:31


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