Sustainability: the bond that endures Tools and insights for ESG investing in fixed income

Door november 20, 2019 07:53

Sustainability: the bond that endures Tools and insights for ESG investing in fixed income

Sustainable investing is going mainstream.

Evidence is building that a focus on sustainability-related factors — ranging from carbon efficiency to quality of governance — can help investors build more resilient portfolios. Many are starting to assess their exposure to climate and other sustainability-related risks — and regulators around the world are adding to this push. The risks can have a material impact on corporate performance, and may even give rise to financial instability as climate change affects banks and insurers, the International Monetary Fund argues in its most recent Global Financial Stability Report. The equity market has largely written the history of sustainable investing — and played a starring role in it. The wide spectrum of different debt instruments in fixed income meant that data availability was more patchy, while tools and insights lagged. This is changing fast. We show how innovations such as ESG bond indexes have created building blocks that investors can now use to create sustainable multi-asset portfolios. 

Door november 20, 2019 07:53



Learn why PM Mike Della Vedova says the diversification benefits of a global high yield portfolio may involve less risk than a more traditional, U.S.-focused high yield strategy.

Bob Homan of @INGnl_IO, keynote speaker at the @AlphaResearchNL conference #LowerforLonger last week: “Analysts are often too enthusiastic. They should lower their expectations.” #2020outlook

Our conference #UBPInvestmentOutlook had a full house in London last week! Our experts shared their 2020 outlook for the global economy and more specifically for the UK. Thank you all for coming!

Zal zijn laatste woorden aan mij nooit vergeten. Over woorden gesproken: toen ik Volcker de eerste keer ontmoette, was zijn eerste vraag:"Hoe is het met Andre Szász?" Ik had 15 minuten met hem. Het werd 1,5 uur! Er was een klik. RIP

De Asset Allocatie Awards komen er weer aan! Nominaties komen deze week, winnaars op 4 februari 2020... Hier een sfeer inpressie van vorig jaar ->

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