Dutch Institutional Investors and Climate Change

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Door november 13, 2019 14:40

Dutch Institutional Investors and Climate Change

Considering the current trend in global warming, adapting to the impacts of climate change is becoming more and more important, next to preventing additional temperature rises. Acting on climate change can take different forms for investors. For example, analysing the carbon footprint of investment portfolios, investing in renewable energy, or ensuring that assets are protected against the consequences of climate change. This report provides an overview of climate change-related elements that VBDO believes are relevant at this point in time and should be included in the responsible investment strategy of institutional investors. The goal of this study is to assess if and how institutional investors currently consider the various climate change risks and opportunities. It also considers if and how investors adapt their investment portfolios to ensure resilience. Included in this report are the main findings and a performance ranking of the largest Dutch institutional investors (pension funds and insurance companies) on how they address climate change in their policies and practices. The results in this report are based on specific climate change related questions included in the VBDO Responsible Investment Benchmark of 2019. This benchmark was conducted among the largest pension funds (50) and insurance companies (29) in The Netherlands. More details on the methodology used for this research are given at the end of this report. Based on the scoring of these climate-related questions, VBDO performed a separate climate change analysis and ranking of both insurance companies and pension funds in this study. Find out the results of the full Responsible Investment Benchmarks of 2019 by downloading our reports.

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Door november 13, 2019 14:40



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