Responsible Investing

By December 7, 2019 13:48

Responsible Investing

AXA IM ESG Standards Policy

As stewards of our clients’ assets, our primary goal is to help them preserve and grow their wealth. An important part of achieving this, is by investing responsibly. We believe that responsible investment (RI) can not only deliver sustainable, long-term value for clients but that it can also make a positive impact on society.

As a responsible investor, at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) we want to manage ESG risks and opportunities when investing on behalf of our clients. We have identified certain sectors, products and services, in which we will not invest in, above a certain threshold due to ESG-related risk factors. These standards reflect our convictions as a responsible investor and apply to our Responsible Investment and ESG integrated open ended funds, and are available to institutional clients on an opt-in basis. They complement the Responsible Investment sectorial policies which are applied across AXA IM (incl. climate risks policy, controversial weapons policy, palm oil policy, etc.), and are one dimension of our ESG integration approach1.

AXA IM’s ESG standards help us to manage ESG tail-risks. They focus on material issues such as climate change, health and social capital, while also taking into account severe controversies as well as low ESG quality. As a result of these standards, we exclude the following sectors and areas within our RI and ESG integrated funds2:



By December 7, 2019 13:48


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