Building on 2019’s green bond resurgence

Columbia Threadneedle
By December 25, 2019 10:38

Building on 2019’s green bond resurgence

In almost whatever country you care to mention, climate change and social inequality are exploding into the public consciousness. Extinction Rebellion in the UK or the Gilets Jaune in Paris are just two of the more high-profile signs. Yet in the financial markets, too, green, social and sustainability bonds are growing in number and sophistication. 2019 was the year when green bonds caught their second wind, with a resurgence of issuance. There was also a growth in issuance and innovation for other types of ‘impact’ bonds, with proceeds earmarked for specific environmental, social or broadly sustainable purposes. We believe that 2020 will see more of the same. The green bond market’s growth will continue, but we expect momentum to spread increasingly to social and sustainability bond markets as well. Furthermore, there is likely to be more innovation during the year, with perhaps the first issue of a ‘transition’ bond that finances the evolution of a business to a more sustainable model.

Columbia Threadneedle
By December 25, 2019 10:38


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