Aviva: Real Assets Study In search of resilience in an uncertain world

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By January 13, 2020 18:30

Aviva: Real Assets Study In search of resilience in an uncertain world

Much has changed since we published our 2018 Alternative Income Study. At that time, the global economy was running along nicely, which was expected to bring an end to a decade of monetary easing by central banks; most major equity indices were surging; and talk of trade wars was dismissed as rhetoric rather than a major risk. Fast forward to today, and a sense of unease has returned to financial markets. Growth is slowing; central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve, have done a U-turn on interest-rate hikes; the stack of negative-yielding bonds had reached $17 trillion in September, reflecting investor concerns; equities are down; and the prospect of trade wars has evolved into a key risk for the global economy. Despite, or perhaps because of this, the growth in demand for real assets among institutional investors remains strong. This drove our decision in May 2018 to combine our Real Estate and Alternative Income teams into Aviva Investors Real Assets, and is why we have broadened the focus of our survey this year to cover all the key asset classes in the sector. We have also expanded the reach of our survey to 500 senior investment professionals at insurance companies and pension funds across Europe.

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By January 13, 2020 18:30


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