Financial Intermediary Trends for 2020

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Door januari 14, 2020 08:47

Financial Intermediary Trends for 2020

As financial intermediaries navigate the current industry landscape to seek the best results for clients and help maximize their own performance, Mercer and Morningstar have identified five key areas for firms to consider.

1. Strong Governance Financial intermediaries are moving toward dividing duties between relationship management and investment oversight. So it is critical that they maintain a strong link between investment decision-making and client objectives. Firms need to optimize their investment governance processes to pursue better outcomes for clients. Delays in decision-making and behavioral biases can significantly impact results. What’s more, inadequate governance can lead to operational failures at rapidly expanding firms. To support strong governance, firms should: • Invest in talent to ensure decision-makers have the strength and skills to successfully build portfolios. • Establish robust processes to ensure investment decisions are implemented efficiently and accurately. • Implement systematic oversight with a commitment to identify and implement improvements. • Consider delegated solutions to support robust, cost-effective governance while allowing intermediaries to focus on better service for their clients and staying ahead of the increasingly complex investment environment. Financial Intermediary Trends for 2020

2. ESG and Sustainability Clients of financial intermediaries are increasingly challenging their advisors on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures in their investment portfolios. Financial intermediaries should be able to convey how managers integrate ESG into their investment processes and reflect ESG factors in their reporting. They need top-quality data, tools and analytics to be able to understand the sustainability, ESG risk or …
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Door januari 14, 2020 08:47



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