Bitcoins, central banks and inflation expectations: a variety of topics in our Top Five

By May 16, 2020 10:12

Bitcoins, central banks and inflation expectations: a variety of topics in our Top Five

#20 – Top Five Best Read Research on OpinioPro

And it’s Saturday again: the day for us to publish our Top Five Best Read on OpinioPro this last week. Populair tags were ‘asset allocation‘ and ‘equities‘, furthermore our event calendar was well visited.

On fifth place we’ve got Federated Hermes with their “Portfolio Construction Solutions“. In this publication (on 20 April 2020), they show their asset class views: for example, they are overweight on Emerging Markets, explaining:

We believe a virus-related recovery will slowly lift a beaten-down China, the largest piece of the EM benchmark. Eventual growth elsewhere, along with fading virus fears, also could help other EM countries.

Fourth in ranking is for Franklin Templeton with their asset allocation views, writing about the global recession, central banks and inflation:

Market-based measures of inflation expectations, derived from the yields of nominal and real return bonds, have recovered a little but remain subdued.

Erste Group‘s Week Ahead “Who decides on ECB purchases?” made it third in place, discussing ‘German Federal Constitutional Court ruling, US Labor Market Report, Eurozone public debt’:

This week, the German Federal Constitutional Court ruled on a lawsuit against the purchase of government bonds by the ECB and thus the Bundesbank under the PSPP.

BlackrocksGlobal Outlook made it second place, discussing investment themes ‘activity standstill’, ‘bold policy action’ and ‘resilience rules’ and their implications. Furthermore, they write:

Global economic activity is not simply contracting – it is deliberately being frozen. Yet the cumulative economic impact over time– the key for asset prices – will be likely less this time than after 2008.

The article that made it first place, is a (Dutch) guest blog called: “Wat kan 1% bitcoin doen voor je pensioen?“:

Lance Armstrong was ooit eens een van de meest gevierde wielrenners wereldwijd én veruit de rijkste. Met zijn pensioen zat het wel goed, zo leek het. Het liep anders.

This was OpinioPro‘s Top Five Best Read of week #20. We post new research every working day. Do you want to receive our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest investment research? Please sign up here. And don’t forget to check out our Events Calendar!

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By May 16, 2020 10:12



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