Monthly OpinioPro Statistics – April 2020

By May 6, 2020 10:43

Monthly OpinioPro Statistics – April 2020


In this blogpost, we will update you on our monthly best-reads and longest-reads. If you follow our weekly blogposts, you know the best read research articles on a weekly basis. In this monthly overview, we provide you with a little more: the articles that were read the longest.

But before we start we want to share the page that was used the most in April: our Event Calendar. In this calendar you can find an overview of investment events, which are currently only webinars and conference calls. For example, an upcoming event today is “Getting the Big Decisions Right” by Northern Trust AM, which will deal with the choices of “when” and “how” when thinking about rebalancing your portfolio. Don’t miss it this afternoon at 5:00 pm (CEST)!

The best read research articles

Investing in frontier market sovereign bonds means lending money to governments that need it most. Access to foreign capital allows governments of frontier countries to undertake important infrastructure projects, which in turn increases GDP growth and brings up median incomes. However, a point can be reached at which increasing debt loads become an impediment to growth.
Municipal bonds delivered stellar performance in 2019 and demand continued to be strong in 2020 before the onset of market distress. A streak of 60 consecutive weeks of inflows to municipal bond mutual funds, totaling $116 billion, abruptly shifted to record outflows in March. Investors moved into cash or reallocated into cheaper asset classes as volatility skyrocketed and interest rates fell to all-time lows, which essentially negated the tax benefits of municipal bonds.
Recessions typically entail the correction of imbalances, often associated with excessive demand—whether in fixed investment or consumer spending, or both—that has undermined private sector finances. In contrast, as is well understood by now, the current downturn is being driven substantially by an enforced pullback in activity in the name of social distancing and virus mitigation. The unique nature of this downturn suggests it will be more dramatic but shorter than usual.
  • ABN AMRO‘s Energy Monitor is a well-read article on OpinioPro and one of their weekly publications made it, of course, into our monthly statistics: second place. This one was written on 3 April and anticipates the OPEC + meeting. While you can say it’s ‘old news’, it’s still interesting to read ABN AMRO’s perspective on OPEC+ and oil price.

  • First in ranking is ING Investment Office‘s ‘Maandbericht beleggen‘. This asset allocation report is very clear and is interesting for people who have little time and who have a longer break. The short summerizing sentences on the left and the longer explanations on the right makes this report attractive for all investors.

The articles that were read the longest

The articles that were read best, are not the articles that were read the longest. In this blogpost, let’s discover these five articles together:

  • In fifth place, Achmea IM‘s Dutch article “Dilemma’s in een lagerenteomgeving“, by Maurice Geraets (Senior Investment Strategist). The article discusses the current low interest situation and concludes that after 200 years, saving is no longer worth it.

Acmea IM: 10-jaarsrente Zwitserland












  • Candriam‘s coffee break made it to the fourth place in this ranking. In this article, they discuss the past week and the coming week. The specific coffee break that is read quite long, is the one published on 9 March. A lot of interesting topics are dicussed in bulletpoints and as always they present their asset allocations.

  • Vanguard‘s Market Perspectives is third: in their monthly publication they present economic and market updates. It’s a clear and concise document and the also answer some interesting questions, such as ‘When will the global economy reopen?’ (they expect a ‘gradual and rolling  reopening of global supply commencing in the May timeframe as regions move beyond peak infections’).

  • Kempen Capital Management‘s asset allocation perspective publication from March made it to second place. It addresses the coronaviruscrisis and all its uncertainties. It’s worth a read!

  • First in ranking is AXA IM with their article “COVID-19: Greening the recovery“, the first sentence is already catchy:
The economic shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep fall in greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Estimates suggest it has fallen by a quarter.

Axa IM: “Coronavirus expected impacts on Carbon emissions”














This was OpinioPro‘s Top Five Best Read and Longest Read of April. We post new research every working day. Do you want to receive our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest investment research? Please sign up here. And don’t forget to check out our Events


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