Climate Change Risk Management

Columbia Threadneedle
By July 23, 2020 07:57

Climate Change Risk Management

Why climate change risk management is the hottest topic on the planet and how asset owners and asset managers should be responding.

There is mounting evidence that rising levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are moving the world perilously close to a calamitous destination point. If left unchecked, the consequent rise in global temperatures above pre-industrial levels, which are already fast approaching a tipping point, will lead to ever more severe environmental damage, extreme weather events, natural disasters, crop failures, and a potentially catastrophic loss of biodiversity. However, despite powerful media coverage and imagery having planted climate change firmly in the popular consciousness, there have been limited interventions to date by policymakers and, to a degree, by regulators in stemming the myriad sources of GHG emissions, the financing of carbon emitting technologies and in seeking to change industry, company and individual behaviours. Of course, such interventions, from a policymaker perspective, are politically unpalatable given that economic growth, carbon emissions, property rights and personal freedoms have been strongly interlinked since the industrial revolution.

Columbia Threadneedle
By July 23, 2020 07:57


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