Swiss Equities and Long-Term CMA in this week’s Top Five

By August 29, 2020 11:00

Swiss Equities and Long-Term CMA in this week’s Top Five


Another week has passed and in this blogpost you can find the best read research on OpinioPro. Next week, a few interesting webinars are held. For example, VanEck hosts a webinar called “Moat investing in uncertain markets” on Wednesday 2 September. FTSE Russell hosts a webinar on Friday 4 September called “Understanding ESG Ratings and the SID platform“.

Fifth place is taken by “Swiss Equities – Structural Value Creation” by UBP:

Over the volatile first months of 2020, the Swiss equity market has reflected the solid standing of the country and its companies, outperforming most major global equity markets by limiting the downside while at the same time participating in strong up moves.
















Fourth in ranking is the “Asia Market Outlook” by UBS:

A range of investible trends remain intact in Asia, including an increasing share of discretionary spending, growing demand for premium consumer products, China’s rebalancing into services and consumption; rising spending on R&D and technology leading to innovations, underpenetration of credit, and Asia ex-China’s expanding share in global manufacturing.

The weekly commentary by Blackrock Strategic views for a post-Covid world” is third in ranking:

The pandemic has sped up key structural trends and triggered substantial market swings, precipitating an urgent need to rethink strategic asset allocations. Among the big changes: We favor reduced exposure to nominal developed market (DM) government bonds and greater allocations to inflation-linked bonds, as interest rates approach their lower bounds and inflation risks grow in the medium term.

The “2020 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions – Q3 update” by Invesco holds second place:

The global economy continues its gradual healing process. Based on our macro regime framework, we expect the global business cycle to remain in a recovery regime, with growth below trend and expected to improve over the next few months.

First in ranking is the “Long View – Q2 2020 update” by DWS:

The coronavirus pandemic has sent the global economy into its deepest recession since World War II. By our estimates, the global economy will shrink by 5% this year

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By August 29, 2020 11:00


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