Family Offices & LTCMA in our Top Five

By September 5, 2020 10:08

Family Offices & LTCMA in our Top Five


It was a bit quiet in webinar-world the past month, but this month our calendar is quite busy again. For example, next week Capital Group hosts a webinar called “10 investment themes for the next 10 years“. The week after, Jupiter AM hosts a webinar called “Updates from Jupiter and “The great inflation debate“. Check the other webinars right here. Now, let’s dive into the best read research of the past week.

Fifth place is taken by S&P Global with their “Index Dashboard: Dispersion, Volatility & Correlation“:

Although equity index volatilities have largely returned to earth, dispersion has declined at a much slower rate from its March highs, and remains well above average in most markets. Sectoral effects have played their part: a hefty 11% separated the best- and worst-performing sectors of the S&P Global 1200 this month. Average pairwise correlations in most indices have fallen to very low levels

A report on Family Offices “Global Landscape and Key Trends” by INSEAD is fourth in ranking. The report gives an overview of the family offices landscape, global trends for single family offices and key learnings from selected SFOs.

Invesco‘s “2020 Long-Term Capital market Assumptions” is third in ranking:

The global economy continues its gradual healing process. Based on our macro regime framework, we expect the global business cycle to remain in a recovery regime, with growth below trend and expected to improve over the next few months.

DWS‘ “Long View – Q2 2020 update” holds second place this week:

At an aggregate level, we estimate the forecasted rate of return on a diversified portfolio of assets is now 4.9%, down from 5.7% at the end of Q1. Attractive opportunities exist within equities and alternative asset classes. This outlook is consistent with a ‘square root’ shaped economic recovery.

First place is Blackrock‘s “Strategic views for a post-Covid world“:

The pandemic has sped up key structural trends and triggered substantial market swings, precipitating an urgent need to rethink strategic asset allocations. Among the big changes: We favor reduced exposure to nominal developed market (DM) government bonds and greater allocations to inflation-linked bonds, as interest rates approach their lower bounds and inflation risks grow in the medium term.


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By September 5, 2020 10:08


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