SOE Debt and Private Equity in our Top Five this week!

By September 19, 2020 10:09

SOE Debt and Private Equity in our Top Five this week!


September is filled with interesting webinars – have you checked out our event calendar yet? For example, next week Fidelity hosts a webinar on every weekday. On Monday, they will discuss “The rise of Asia“. Furthermore, on Wednesday Principal hosts a webinar with Spectrum AM. The week after, on 29 September, Jupiter AM hosts a webinar called “Income: taking calculated risk“. Check out all the other webinars right here in our event calendar. Now, let’s see what was read best last week.

Fifth place is taken by Carmignac’s “What are the benefits of a long-short approach‘:

As investors, equities represent a crucial driver of long-term capital appreciation. However, equity markets can go through periods of high volatility and not always deliver the expected positive returns. For investors seeking this equity exposure but looking for a better downside risk mitigation – long-short equity strategies can become a key pillar in their asset allocation.

GMO‘s “The Mystery of SOE Debt” is fourth in ranking:

The great majority of SOE funding is domestically sourced by local banks.1 However, within the past decade, SOEs have chosen to diversify their funding sources by venturing into the international capital markets. As a result, SOE debt has become a significant part of the emerging sovereign and emerging corporate debt investment universes (See Exhibit 1).2

Third in ranking is “Public to Private Equity in the United States: A Long-Term Look” by Morgan Stanley:

Over the past quarter century there has been a marked shift in U.S. equities from public markets to private markets controlled by buyout and venture capital firms. This change has had reverberations for asset managers, investors, executives, and policy makers.

The monthly “Investment Traffic Lights” by DWS holds second place:

A brief look at the past decade shows why investors cannot completely relax during the summer vacation. Especially in 2011 and 2015 the stress-removing benefits of a nice holiday quickly disappeared as August’s market storms raged. This year, however, the vacation mood fell victim to this year’s by now infamous curse, coronavirus.

First place is for the Capital Market Assumptions by Northern Trust:

In recent years, global equities had slightly outpaced market forecasts for lower equity returns. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy, putting an end to the 10- year bull market. Equity markets have now started to recover, but the pandemic introduced and exacerbated challenges that we expect to subdue financial market returns over the next five years.

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By September 19, 2020 10:09



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