Alternatives in 2020

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By September 4, 2020 17:41

Alternatives in 2020

Alternatives AUM exceeds $10tn milestone amid challenging market conditions

The alternatives industry has just set a new record: global assets under management (AUM) have surged to $10.31tn. We’re now well on our way to meeting Preqin’s 2018 forecast of $14tn in AUM by 20231 . How did we get here, and where are we headed? 

I’ll start with a look back. In my foreword to last year’s report, I observed that financial markets were at a watershed moment, with high asset valuations, economic and political uncertainty, and a challenging period for investment returns ahead. Fast-forward to today and the same can be said, but even more so: global markets have continued their upward path, and the outlook is certainly challenging.

OpinioPro Selection
By September 4, 2020 17:41


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