Weekly Market Recap

T. Rowe Price
By September 2, 2020 15:13

Weekly Market Recap

The US

On Thursday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell delivered (virtually) a longanticipated speech at the Kansas City Fed’s Economic Policy Symposium, which is typically held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Powell announced the results of the central bank’s review of its monetary policy framework, saying the Fed would adjust its inflation targeting to allow overshoots of its 2% inflation goal to offset undershoots of the target. This will effectively allow the Fed to keep rates at the current near-zero level for a longer period without raising them to pre-empt inflation.


Despite renewed surges in coronavirus infections, France, Spain and Italy appeared to reject the need for nationwide lockdowns to curb what could be a second wave of the pandemic. French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the government would do everything to prevent a nationwide lockdown but warned that some regions might need to be isolated after cases quadrupled over the past month. In Italy, Health Minister Roberto Speranza asserted the government was optimistic about keeping the situation under control, noting there were fewer hospitalisations and fatalities. In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appeared to rule out a countrywide lockdown, saying the current outbreak was far from the situation in March and officials were better prepared and had a better understanding of the virus.

T. Rowe Price
By September 2, 2020 15:13


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