The Next Normal -The recovery will be digital

McKinsey & Company
By October 16, 2020 14:48

The Next Normal -The recovery will be digital

Welcome to the “next normal”—the new reality emerging from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. How will life, public health, and business continue to change? We’ve chronicled our response in a wide-ranging series of publications—more than 500 articles and counting since the outbreak began. This volume is the first of five edited collections produced to accompany our multimedia series, airing on CNBC, examining the forces and themes shaping the next normal. This collection focuses on the vital role of digital in today’s businesses. Many organizations were already in the throes of digital transformations pre-pandemic, before COVID-19 accelerated the pace of business across the globe. Some sped up efforts already under way; others implemented digital capabilities for the first time—as a matter of survival. In these pages, we have collected some of the best insights we published during these hectic months— on how top executives have led on digital initiatives, what specific companies across industries have done differently, and the special challenge of cybersecurity. We have also included content that has resonated particularly powerfully on, plus a number of articles authored by Kate Smaje, global leader of McKinsey Digital and anchor of the digital segment of our multimedia series on CNBC. We hope you find these insights useful as you continue to navigate your way into the evolving next normal. Over the next few months, look for additional collections to accompany this digital compendium and complement forthcoming segments on CNBC. Topics include organization, transformation, sustainability, and resilience. You can download this and other collections in this series as they become available at, where you will also find our entire collection of coronavirus-related insights. 

McKinsey & Company
By October 16, 2020 14:48



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