Highlights of last week: US Election and a Sustainable Future

By November 10, 2020 17:01

Highlights of last week: US Election and a Sustainable Future


November is filled with webinars. This week, you’ve got a lot to choose from. On Wednesday, Capital Group hosts a webinar “Are disruptors the next generation of defensive stocks?” and T. Rowe Price hosts a webinar “US Election 2020 – Implications for Investors“. On Thursday, Qontigo hosts a webinar “The Construction and Application of Data-Driven Fixed Income Risk Models“. Now, let’s look at two pieces of research of last week.

Flexibility Is Invaluable During Difficult Periods

By T. Rowe Price

“Earlier this year, we exercised this freedom to begin purchasing taxable municipal bonds, which we’d never previously owned in our portfolio. Most municipal debt is tax-exempt, but there has been a surge of taxable bond issuance since a 2017 law change stopped issuers from refinancing bonds on a tax-exempt basis beyond 90 days from their call date.”T. Rowe Price Insights

Green News & Views: Real Assets – Sustainability initiatives


“Developing a sustainable future is enhanced by incorporating third-party benchmarking and certifications for all property types. There is now a proliferation of standards, ratings, and certification programs globally to help guide, demonstrate, and reward efforts to deliver sustainable, highperformance assets.”

UBS green sustainability

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By November 10, 2020 17:01



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