Global IG: don’t underestimate changed behaviours

Global IG: don’t underestimate changed behaviours

🕔15:30, 4.Jan 2021

Global Perspectives 2021 We came into 2020 on the back of one of the longest expansion phases ever, with increasingly loose monetary policy extending the growth cycle. Because of that growth and low interest rates, companies had been gearing up

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A Gut Punch

A Gut Punch

🕔11:45, 4.Jan 2021

Cliff’s Perspective  Sure, the last nearly three years have hurt, but at least the explanation was straightforward. A core part of our process, value, suffered. So when value rebounds, we will too, right? Well, not necessarily. To be clear, if

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Chief Investment Strategist @hanswstegeman advocates a paradigm shift to restore the balance between nature, society, and the economy.

Listen to this podcast of @trends_be (Dutch), in which he lays out his vision: "A sustainable society does not have to be a socialist paradise."

Municipal bonds have rebounded from their meltdown, but there's still value — if you know where to look. See where we’re uncovering the most attractive #AfterTax yields.

In a context where active risk management remains key, alternative assets can add some asymmetry to traditional equity and fixed income portfolios. What assets do you think investors should consider in 2021? #UBPInvestmentOutlook

Are there better risk strategies than diversification? Sébastien Page, Head of Global Multi Asset, answers this question and more as part of our Beyond Disruption series with the CNBC Brand Studio. Watch the full interview:

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