Podcast: Positive Impact Equity | Performance & positioning

By November 12, 2021 09:45

Podcast: Positive Impact Equity | Performance & positioning

During 2020 the market went through a number of distinct phases from, 1) ignorance of the impending COVID-19 effects (January, February) to, 2) panic (end of February to mid-April) to, 3) the “world will need to change” as a broad theme supporting various sub-topics, such as innovative healthcare solutions and green energy …

Key takeaways

  • Market backdrop: 2021 has been dominated by the “structural inflation”’ theme
  • What does this mean for impact strategies and UBAM – Positive Impact Equity (PIE) in particular?

    • After an extremely strong 2020, PIE has been giving back some performance on a relative basis, especially when compared with more value indices, such as the MSCI Europe NR, but is staying well ahead of the market over the longer term (one year or more).
    • On a one-year basis, PIE compared well with an impact peer group (first quartile) and is in line year-to-date.
  • Outlook: opportunities will continue to arise in sectors that can benefit from the multi-year investment cycles that result from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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For Professional Investors in Switzerland or Professional Investors as defined by the relevant laws
UBAM – Positive Impact Equity: Article 9

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By November 12, 2021 09:45