Globalisation, Russia-Ukraine conflict and more – Capital Group

Capital Group
By June 21, 2022 12:20

Globalisation, Russia-Ukraine conflict and more – Capital Group

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COVID-19 disruptions showed that global supply lines aren’t perfectly efficient machines. And recent moves by China and Russia have reminded the world that approaches to politics and the economy aren’t universally shared. What would a multipolar world look like, and what would it mean for investors, governments and industry?

In this webinar, hear from Political economist Talha Khan and Equity investment director David Polak on the implications of this challenging backdrop for prices and the pressures put on margins.

From acquiring medical supplies to ensuring energy security, the coronavirus pandemic and war in Ukraine seem to have taught great economies a thing or two about self-sufficiency. Throughout these events, the US has demonstrated policy and economic flexibilities, while many states in Europe found themselves in a more vulnerable position. As uncertainty continues to disrupt the world, is the US or Europe better positioned from an investment opportunity perspective.

In this webinar, Capital Group’s economists Darrell Spence and Robert Lind, will take you through the latest macro developments, explore the future of the US and Europe in a multipolar world, and share key insights on navigating tomorrow’s investment landscape.

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Capital Group
By June 21, 2022 12:20