Capital Group – Webinar – Midyear Outlook 2023: A new reality for investors

Capital Group
By June 8, 2023 12:02




As we reach the midpoint of 2023, global markets and economies are clearly moving through a period of transition. What had been a binary environment — a market that was either/or — is now more balanced. Previously, you could focus on a few large tech companies and largely disregard everything else; borrow at close to zero percent and not worry about the consequences of free money, the threat of inflation, or the possibility central banks might raise interest rates. Times have changed but that is good news for active investors, with a much broader set of opportunities.

In our latest Capital Group webinar, economist Robert Lind and investment directors Julie Dickson and Flavio Carpenzano discuss Capital Group’s Mid-Year Outlook and the prospects for equities, bonds and economies. With so much cash still on the sidelines, they debate whether now may be the time to consider putting it to work.

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Capital Group
By June 8, 2023 12:02