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The Bitcoin Mining Network

The Bitcoin Mining Network

🕔17:12, 24.Feb 2020

Trends, Average Creation Costs, Electricity Consumption & Sources In this fourth iteration of our bi-annual mining report we continue our ongoing observations and analysis regarding the state of the Bitcoin mining network. As explained in the previous report, we have

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Status Of Continued Unconventional Monetary Policy Tools

Status Of Continued Unconventional Monetary Policy Tools

🕔18:36, 13.Jan 2020

A little over a decade has passed since the 2008 global financial crisis, and central banks continue to apply unconventional monetary policy tools in their effort to maintain economic stability amid slowing growth. Quantitative easing (QE) alongside a now all-too-common

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Sovereign Debt & Negative Yields

Sovereign Debt & Negative Yields

🕔09:23, 19.Dec 2019

Recession alarms have yet to fully go off, but stagnation warning signs are coming to the forefront on the back of heightened financial instrument risks, potentially affecting the economic health of advanced and emerging markets alike. The many intertwined moving

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