Alpha Research – Kennislunch – Welcome to the Bond Renaissance

🕔10:59, 22.May 2023

      Op donderdag 13 juni organiseert Alpha Research een kennislunch met een culinair menu in het Rosarium te Amsterdam met als thema ‘Welcome to the Bond Renaissance’. Tijdens deze lunchbijeenkomst spreken Flavio Carpenzano, Investment Director van Capital Group en Wernhard Kublun Becerra,

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UBP – Webinar – Dedollarisation

🕔10:15, 8.May 2023

      We are pleased to invite you to a webinar with two of our top experts who will present their views on the much discussed idea that more and more countries are turning away from the dollar as

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Capital Group – Webinar – Opportunities across the credit spectrum for multi-sector income investors

🕔16:21, 1.May 2023

      After a challenging 2022 for bonds, investors are weighing ongoing short-term volatility against an increasingly attractive long-term opportunity in this asset class. In this latest Capital Group webinar, Damien McCann and Flavio Carpenzano discuss the current backdrop

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UBP – Webinar – CDS Indices – Think Strategic, Not Tactical

🕔11:09, 1.May 2023

      CDS indices offer a similar economic profile to cash bonds for exposure to both high-yield and investment-grade credit markets, but with much better liquidity. Beyond this fundamental characteristic, the relative value analysis between CDS and cash bonds

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