Center for Investment Excellence

🕔19:14, 7.Mar 2017

Educational hub featuring an expanding set of tools and information

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Sustainable Investing: Investment perspective on climate risk

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The infrastructure moment

🕔21:40, 31.Jan 2017

Core infrastructure’s growing role in institutional portfolios

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Assumptions Matrices

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Inside the black box

🕔11:10, 1.Dec 2016

Revealing the alternative beta in hedge fund returns

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Political headwinds continue to trouble Europe

🕔13:15, 15.Nov 2016

The impact on Europe of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union (EU) remains unclear, and other landmark events are now looming large on the political horizon. Italy’s major Constitutional referendum, scheduled for 4 December, could have a direct

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A slow-moving, steady slide

🕔19:30, 26.Oct 2016

Macroeconomic Assumptions

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Tackling leverage: Leaders, laggards and history lessons

🕔07:58, 26.Oct 2016

Global Credit Cycles

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China A-shares inclusion: Still a no go

🕔15:36, 16.Jun 2016

This paper, written by Ian Hui, addresses MSCI’s announcement of delaying the inclusion of China A shares in their benchmark Emerging Markets Index and discusses the relevant implications

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Preparing for IFRS 9: Investment implications for insurers

🕔06:30, 14.Apr 2016

The potential investment implications of IFRS 9 on bond and equity investment strategies.

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Preparing for IFRS 9: Investment implications for insurers

🕔14:18, 1.Feb 2016

The migration from International Accounting Standard 39 (IAS 39) Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement to International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS9) Financial Instruments will have potential investment implications. To help foster this understanding, J.P. Morgan’s Global Insurance Solutions team has

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Guide to the Markets

🕔12:01, 31.Dec 2015

Launched in the U.S. in 2004, the Guide to the Markets (“Guide”) is a pioneer as the industry’s leading resource for timely information on the market and economy. Today, the Guide has a global footprint with many versions, six of

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Waiting on the world to change

🕔16:28, 18.Sep 2015

Dr. David Kelly discusses the Federal Reserves September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting and its implications on interest rates and the economy.

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Insights App

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The J.P. Morgan Insights App FAQ

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What if we live in a low-return world? Implications for pension funds

🕔06:25, 31.Jul 2015

Michael Cembalest discuss the long-term trend for growth across asset classes and the implications, as well as potential solutions, for pension funds.

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Global Fixed Income Blog

🕔08:01, 27.Dec 2013

Our latest thinking on the global fixed income markets and the global economy. Click here to visit the blog.

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Customized Solutions

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Emerging Managers

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Venture Capital

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U.S. Corporate Finance

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Asia Private Equity

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Sample Direct Investments

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Secondary Investments

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European Corporate Finance

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Global Private Equity

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Our Philosophy

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Who We Are

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What will higher interest rates mean for real estate?

🕔10:37, 1.Jul 2013

Investors should remain cautious as rising rates are likely to push levered returns downward toward unlevered returns as debt becomes increasingly less accretive; this has the potential to expose poor performing and overpriced assets.

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The Realization: A new world. A new normal. A tectonic shift.

🕔18:16, 1.Apr 2012

Although recent shifts in allocation have largely been tactical moves between the stocks and bonds, pension funds are making a strategic tilt (albeit gradual) to alternatives—including real estate, infrastructure and private equity.  

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