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Advertising: OpinioPro’s solution for marketing & sales

Opiniopro collects investment research from more than 50 asset managers worldwide. Investment outlooks, asset allocation reports, strategy reports, market reviews, white papers and more. The full reports are only available to professional and institutional investors. Next to research, OpinioPro offers an event calendar as well. In this calendar, OpinioPro collects events happening in the investment sector.

OpinioPro offers several forms of promotional activities on our platform for asset managers.

  • Promotion on
    • Research documents
    • Events
    • Banner
    • Sponsored Theme
  • Promotional Mailings by OpinioPro
    • Dedicated Mailing
    • Document, event, or product in a weekly mailing

We would like to highlight the following option: Webinar Promotion. Currently, there are a lot of webinars. How do you stand out? We offer two options:

  • Webinar Promotion Beforehand:
    • In OpinioPro’s event calendar your webinar is highlighted
    • Your webinar be highlighted in our weekly event-mailing
    • Your webinar will be added to an extra OpinioPro -mailing
  • Webinar Promotion Afterwards:
    • We will watch your webinar and write a blogpost about it, which includes:
      • A summary
      • A link to the replay
      • A link to the presentation (if available)
      • Three links to your latest research on OpinioPro
      • A link to your OpinioPro page
      • Contact details sales manager
      • The blogpost will be sent in an OpinioPro mailing
      • Your recap will be posted on OpinioPro as well and will be featured on our homepage

      We have a lot more options and would like to know your wishes as well. If you are interested in promotion by OpinioPro, or would like more information, please contact Eelco Ubbels

      +31 15 30 30 920




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