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About Us

Our Story

OpinioPro is the creation of Eelco Ubbels and René van Mourik, two seasoned professionals whose paths in the investment world have been as enriching as they have been extensive. Together, they combine over 50 years of experience, marked by substantial tenures in corporate roles at esteemed firms such as AXA IM and Robeco, and a shared history of entrepreneurial ventures that have stood the test of time.

Our journey began in 2016 when Eelco and René decided to merge their expertise and vision to create OpinioPro. Their partnership is built on a mutual respect for the industry’s complexities and a shared dedication to providing clear, actionable guidance in the financial sector.

As we embrace 2024, OpinioPro is introducing the Investor Surveys. This initiative is not just an expansion of our services but a reflection of our ongoing pursuit of knowledge and the desire to support our clients with the most current and comprehensive market insights.

Eelco Ubbels

René van Mourik